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Image by Amokrane Ait-Kaci

A collection of outdoor/indoor and digital games integrated with ecological and other objectives of the curricula; informative videos-readings on ecology;  outdoor/indoor activity packs; parents' pack which will include extra information for them, outdoor/indoor activities with family.



A collection of 30 games 



A collection of 18 games



A collection of 30 games

Introducing environmental sustainability into the school curriculum is a Child's Play

Ecological-based studies have been carried out mostly under the monopoly of geography and science courses, and unfortunately most of these studies are in the classroom, not in nature. We aim to add a new breath to this ongoing tradition with our final products and to enable our teachers and students to have more options with the module we have prepared. Our digital module, which will be prepared in the languages of the countries involved in the project, will serve not only geography or science disciplines but also disciplines such as foreign language, art, technology design, history or IT with contemporary, interactive, game based and flexible activities that are open to all users and aim to entertain while teaching.

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